Your eczema recovery journey begins here.

We designed the solution based on the full patient journey.

We know it works because we were patients ourselves, and this was exactly what we would have wanted.

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Every individual is unique and requires an in-depth discovery of relevant root causes.


Beyond conventional medicine, chronic conditions must be understood and managed through a whole-body approach based on evidence.


We believe, and we are, eczema fighters who have been through the struggle and can be the most empowering partners in your recovery journey.

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Why us?

Pick your plan

Per Month (min. 6 months)

All-in-one program to equip you with necessary knowledge

and practical recovery in an ongoing partnership

All-in-one program to equip you with necessary knowledge

and practical recovery in an ongoing partnership

Per Month (min. 6 months)

Comprehensive and practical eczema knowledge to kickstart your recovery journey

*Starting September

One-off Purchase

*Standard and Premium is based on the level of coaching experience of the Health Coach. 


Your membership includes

50+ integrated care videos

On-demand answers (chatbot)

Eczema care guides & worksheets

Exclusive eczema care webinars

Access & discounts to curated partners

2 coaching sessions / month (hybrid)

Personalized health plan

Unlimited messaging

Monthly peer support sessions (online)

Eczema fighters peer support community

Welcome gift pack (eczema goodies) [HK Only]

Work w/ WeDerm Certified Senior Health Coach

Coming soon in 2022 !

Intergrated Plan (Standard)
Intergrated Plan (Premium)
Education Plan

Traditional Spending

Average 3-month spending: $7,000 HKD

WeDerm Integrated Care Program

Average 3-month spending : $1,500 HKD






  • One 15 min physician consultation

  • Topical steroids

  • Optional follow-up after 2-3 months

Chance-based remission



  • Two 30 min comprehensive sessions

  • 50+ videos and patient support activities

  • Frequent engagement with health coach

Deliberate recovery 

(with successful case studies)

How We Compare with 
Conventional Medicine

Frequently asked questions

Does WeDerm approach work?

Results speak louder than words. Our multidisciplinary team brings together diverse domain knowledge and experience, including: previously running one of world’s leading eczema websites having reached 1 million views across 210+ countries; working with patients across numerous nationalities including Canada, U.S., U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore, South East Asia, Australia, and more. The type of cases range from treating a mild patch, to transforming near-bedridden individuals suffering from severe eczema into gradual remission. Recovery has no geographical boundary, integrated care works for all human beings sharing a common immune system biology.

Do you upsell any products? What is your business model? How does your pricing sustain?

You pay for what you see, there are no hidden tricks or upselling of any products. WeDerm is a social enterprise, which means we focus on reaching our long term mission of reaching 1 million patients by 2026. We do not overcharge because we want to increase affordable access to all people in need with eczema. This is only made possible by our team of volunteers who are compassionate and share a common giving spirit.

How are the Integrated Care Plan and Education Plan different?

The Education Plan provides comprehensive and practical eczema knowledge to kickstart your recovery journey, offering unlimited access to 50+ integrated care videos on-demand that answer your specific questions, and access to exclusive eczema care webinars. The Integrated Care Plan is an all-in-one program to equip you with necessary knowledge and practical recovery in an ongoing partnership, offering everything in Education Plan plus: (1) a flexible monthly subscription service containing 2x 30-minute coaching sessions per month, with a minimum starting duration of 6 months; and (2) access to monthly peer support sessions for increased motivation and treatment effectiveness. The main difference: the Education Plan is a lighter touch, for those who would like to learn first and try to go on the journey alone, usually for new caretakers and for patients with milder symptoms. The Integrated Care Plan is for eczema fighters who are ready to commit and work together with a personalized health coach.

What is the refund policy?

Education Plan: Non-refundable once paid. Integrated Care Plan: Non-refundable once paid for the first six months (minimum subscription). All subsequent months after the minimum duration (i.e. 7th month onwards) can be refunded on a pro-rata basis when notified in advance.

My partner / child / sibling also suffer(s) from eczema. Is there a family arrangement?

As each individual’s eczema is complex and different, our services are therefore designed to be personalized for each person. This means our services are charged for every person with eczema. The only exception where more than one person is present during our services is if the patient is a child below 18 years of age and requires a guardian to attend together (e.g. mother and 10 year old son), then only one charge will be applied.

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