Like a typical patient,

           we wanted a way out

Our Origin and Vision

If you are based in Hong Kong and develop eczema symptoms such as recurring dry, red, and itchy skin, the standard response is to visit a public hospital, queue up for hours, and receive a prescription for steroid creams. These creams will generally last for 2-3 weeks and then your eczema will rebound worse than before. Eventually, you are frustrated and attempt to search for better answers from another doctor, or perhaps try some luck with a family or friend referral.


Eczema is much more than physical. While suffering the disease, everyday we feel being stared down at. It’s embarrassing and it undermines our confidence. In some cases eczema can lead to depression and even suicide. As patients ourselves, we know first-hand how this feels on both the physical and psychosocial level. As victims of this ‘untreatable’ disease according to conventional western medicine, we know first-hand how it feels from the lack of solutions.


Our team members with eczema found a way out. Combining our multiple years of patient experience and healthcare domain knowledge, we identified the common patterns of what lead to chronic conditions like eczema. Each of us has identified our unique medical profiles, created a personalized recovery plan, and regained quality of life. 


We want to show you the way. We understand the medicine of today should no longer work in silos but leverage the best practices from multiple healthcare disciplines. The integrated care model beats every other commercial and medical solution for eczema. The evidence is clear.


Our mission is to help one million people eliminate eczema by 2026.

Are you ready to begin your journey to recovery?


'I thought that eczema

               could never be healed.'



I had had eczema since I was a child. My mum used to bring me to many reputable doctors. Every doctor I consulted invariably gave me prescriptions for steroid creams. They did quickly relieve my conditions, but only for a short while. The prescribed medicine never cleared up my skin in the long run.

Since I constantly scratched my skin when I was sleeping, my arms became tattered, scaly, inflamed and sometimes even leaked fluid. In order to cover my skin conditions, I only wore long sleeves, even during boiling days in Hong Kong. Some of my friends would ask me why, but I just made up excuses. I avoided talking about it because I was not confident about myself. 

Growing up with eczema, I started to feel numb with it during my secondary school years. When there were flare-ups, I covered them up with clothing. When it itched, I scratched. When it became unbearably itchy, I put on steroid creams. That was basically my routine. I never questioned that vicious cycle. I thought that eczema could never be healed, and I guessed that was the only way I could live with it.

Until two years ago, there were flare-ups literally all over my face. I could no longer conceal my conditions with long-sleeve shirts. I was devastated because it was too embarrassing to go out. I felt everyone was staring at my skin. Since then I only went out if it was necessary. I refused to meet any of my friends.

It was the time when I finally had the urge to look for alternatives.  I came across some bloggers and Youtubers who cured their eczema in natural ways. I decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle since then. I guessed what triggered my eczema were probably Hong Kong’s humid weather, my bad eating habits and stress. Among the three factors, I only had full control over my eating habit. I therefore started eating clean – no additives, no sugar, no junk food, no gluten, no dairy – just plain, natural foods. Apart from that, I incorporated other healthy habits like sleeping early, avoiding negative thoughts, doing regular exercise and so on.

Lamentably, my eczema didn’t get any better a month after adopting a healthier lifestyle. Every day I looked into the mirror, my skin condition was more or less the same. I was really discouraged. My mum would ask if I wanted to visit the doctor… It was tempting because I started to doubt if a healthy lifestyle would help at all. Yet I really didn’t want to put my previous efforts in vain. I told my mum, 'If the condition doesn’t get better after six months, I will seek the doctors.'

I guess it was one of the happiest moments in my life when the rashes started to go away. I finally conquered my stubborn rashes after four months of change in lifestyle. Since then, my eczema hasn’t flared up.

Interestingly, among all the doctors I consulted, not a single one suggested any natural treatment for eczema. If I had known about it earlier, I would have saved years of high-dose steroid use that worsened my conditions, let alone doing any good to my skin.

Now when I look back, I would say my worsened skin condition was a blessing to me – I finally questioned why the ounces of steroid cream and the countless doctor visits never really helped.

‘You are what you eat’ sounds cliché, but it’s absolutely true. I believe our body is like a machine, we can maximize its capability if we provide the right fuel (healthy habits). 

If I can cure my eczema, you can too!

Melissa Lo

Team member, WeDerm



CEO and R&D Lead

Bachelor of Science (V) |

Food & Nutritional Science

Founder of  

Work has reached 1 million readers since 2013



Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (VI)

Work experience in digital marketing, marketing plans & business proposal writing, and hospital attachments



Bachelor of Pharmacy (IV)

Multi-sectoral work experience in multinational pharmaceutical companies, chain community pharmacy, and hospital


Communications Manager

Bachelor of Social Sciences (IV) |

Politics and Public Administration

Work experience in United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | video production | large-scale publicity campaigns







Health Coach

Bachelor of Science (IV) | Biochemistry

Ex-university athletics team captain

Work experience in sports coaching and immunology research


Health Coach

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (I)

LLB graduate at the London School of Eonomics. Work experience in start-up, multinational conglomerate and advisory firms. Volunteering experience in Panama, London, and Hong Kong.


Health Coach

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Wellesley College | Departmental (Highest) Honors in Psychology

Work experience in healthcare and psychology research at University of Oxford and across hospitals and startups. Ex-Clinical Content Consultant & Trainer at Mind Hong Kong.



Health Coach

Bachelor of Science (V) | Food & Nutritional Science

Work experience in oncology nutrition startup and HKU Laboratory of Metabolic Research. Incoming MSc Dietetics of the University of Sydney.


Health Coach

M.A. Education, Stanford University |

B.A. Anthropology, Columbia University [ MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher
MiSP (Mindfulness in Schools Project) DotB and PawsB teacher

An experienced mindfulness teacher based in Hong Kong. Margaret worked in the areas of cross-cultural communication and diversity training across Canada and South-East Asia.





Preventive Medicine and


PhD Candidate in Public Health (Epidemiology and Statistics) |

Ex-PKU MMedSc & BSMed Preventive Medicine

Multi-sectoral experiences: chronic diseases control, community health, nutrition screening research, hospital attachment


Psychotherapy and Behavioral Change 

Student Wellness Counsellor, LKS Faculty of Medicine, HKU

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, California Board of Behavioral Sciences | Registered Social Worker (HKG) | Community Mental Health | Psychotherapy


Social Entrepreneurship

Founder of Candyfoon Infinity |

Ex-Ogilvy Group Hong Kong

Expertise : 25+ year experience in publishing, PR, advertising, design, communication industries, social service



Human Nutrition

Course Coordinator, Food & Nutritional Sciences, HKU

Expertise : Food Chemistry, Food & Nutrient Analysis, Meat, Dairy & Grain Sciences, Experiential Learning


Curriculum Development

Director of Common Core, HKU

Expertise : tertiary education, curriculum development, interdisciplinary learning



Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, LKS Faculty of Medicine

Expertise : Pharmaceutical Science: preformulation studies; pharmacy practice: drug information services; industry-




Nursing and Aromatherapist

BSc(Hons) in Nursing (HKPU), MMedSc in Neuroscience (HKU) | Co-founder of Careessential & Mason Medinno

Expertise : Evidence-based medicine, meditation and mindfulness, aromatherapy, medical entrepreneurship

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