Application Deadline: 23 OCT 2020

The Role

Health coaching is an integral part of WeDerm. Our health coaches are responsible to get across our ideas to patients in an interactive and collaborative manner. Each of our health coaches are matched with a number of patients to guide them throughout their eczema recovery journey.

Primary responsibilities of our health coaches include facilitating one-on-one coaching sessions with their patients and providing timely support throughout the stipulated period. Health coaches are also expected to promote effective communication between the team and our patients.


Our ultimate goal is to provide scientifically evaluated information and companionship to patients, at the same time encouraging them to implement positive lifestyle changes.

In-house training is provided. Once selected, you will gain:

  • Multisectoral knowledge on chronic eczema disease

  • First-hand experience with eczema patients and caregivers

  • Effective coaching skills

  • A group of friends who share similar passion!




  • Conduct health assessments and evaluations of matched patients

  • Design individualized integrated care plans 

  • Facilitate change to lifestyle behaviors based on internal intervention framework

  • Act as the source of motivation and encouragement to support recovery

  • Develop and conduct workshops for patients (e.g. group coaching calls, community webinars)

  • Participate in in-house training and keep yourself updated with the latest scientific developments on eczema care

  • Complete team knowledge assessments as required

We are looking for candidates with


  • A good command of Cantonese

  • An undergraduate degree or above (university students are welcome)

  • A genuine passion for helping others; is compassionate, friendly and open-minded

  • Effective communication skills; can communicate with clarity and able to explain details in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner

  • An intuitive ability to develop and support others; can adapt to different styles to meet the needs of individuals

  • NO affiliation with other companies; are not receiving a commission and are not associated with any other skincare brands

We prefer candidates with

  • First-hand experience with eczema

  • Healthcare background e.g. undergraduate/postgraduate degree in healthcare-related fields 

  • Experience with health coaching or counseling

  • Experience working with patients in a healthcare setting

  • Strong commitment to social service

About Wederm

WeDerm, a social enterprise founded in 2020, is dedicated to pursue groundbreaking science to discover and develop strategies for healing chronic eczema. 


To solve the world's most complex skin problems, we ask bigger questions that challenge conventional treatment methods and the boundaries of science to transform society.


Our mission is to eliminate eczema for 1 million people by 2026. 

At WeDerm, we value bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to develop new and innovative solutions for patients. We do not select candidates based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, physical disability or any other legally protected characteristics.

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Conditions of service

  • The minimum age for volunteering is 18 and there is no upper age limit.

  • Service allowance is provided

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